Retail Day: Turning Pricing Power into Profits

Retailers nowadays, and particularly Grocers, have a great opportunity for transformation and reorganization: focus their attention not only on traditional promotional activities, but specifically on pricing analytics in order to achieve their volume and margin targets.

To win in Italy’s highly competitive market, retailers need to shift to responsive merchandising that enables them to carefully listen and sense customer and market demand in order to respond with speed and scale.

To help retailers effectively and profitably get ahead, Revionics and Accenture will be hosting Retail Day: Turning Pricing Power into Profits, scheduled to be held on May 24, 2016 at ACIN in Milan. The Retail Day brings retail leaders, innovators and game-changers for a unique networking experience, innovative learnings and peer to peer exchange on leading pricing and promotion practices.

During this Retail Day, you will learn:

Space is limited, so please reserve your spot today. Registration will close on Friday, May 20. Join the ranks of other performance-driven retailers to learn how you can protect your margins, drive profits and enhance customer loyalty.


Time Session
9:00 AM Registration
9:20 AM Welcome
9:40 AM How to Drive High-Performing Pricing Practices and Strategies
10:00 AM How Other Retail Leaders are Applying Innovative Practices and Technologies
10:45 AM Hear from a key player in the Italian market how they are driving pricing transformation
11:30 AM Coffee Break
11:45 AM How to Apply Competitive and Predictive Analytics to Drive Predictable Outcomes
12:30 PM Debrief & Q&A
13:00 PM Light Lunch


Speaker Lineup

Dario Caltagirone
Senior Manager – Accenture Consulting

Willy Rotstein
Senior Vice President, EMEA

Andrea Alfonso La Placa
Manager – Accenture Consulting

Anastasia Laska
Vice President of Product Strategy and Solutions Marketing, EMEA

Enrico Vallauri
Senior Pricing Strategist, EMEA

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