Take the Guesswork out of Pricing

Retailers are caught in what seems like an ever-accelerating race for relevance as they struggle to keep their brand fresh, their customers engaged and their revenues, margins and profits healthy. The innovations of the last five years are nothing compared to the accelerated pace of change to come.

To survive in today’s race for relevance, you must know your customers, be personal and provide value and experience. Develop clear and scalable processes that can adapt to what you can’t yet know or predict. Then, and only then, can you ensure that you are relevant – and successful – no matter how retail’s future continues to unfold.

As you head into 2017, we would like to schedule time to speak with you regarding how our winning technology – including our real-time market and competitive intelligence - can boost your pricing, promotion, markdown, and space and assortment strategy. Schedule a meeting.


About Revionics

Revionics’s intuitive and transparent cloud-based solutions enable performance-driven retailers globally to leverage predictive analytics and build a shopper-centric, responsive merchandising model that creates a sustainable competitive advantage with a clear path to profit.

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