Revionics + Marketyze

Revionics and Marketyze Combine Forces to Deliver Unmatched Competitive Intelligence

The worldwide web is swarming with a seemingly endless supply of competitive information. However, retailers are challenged to not only collect but also analyze and apply these insights to improve their strategies. To solve this challenge and provide a 360-degree view of competitive pricing information, we are excited to announce that Revionics has acquired Marketyze, a global leader in advanced competitive pricing, promotion and assortment intelligence.

Marketyze and Revionics Competitive Intelligence

Who is Marketyze?

Marketyze’s competitive intelligence capabilities span base price, promotions and assortments. Leveraging proprietary algorithms, their competitive data solutions deliver the highest matching rates in the industry to ensure retailers have the most accurate data to drive competitive price, promotion and assortment decisions. Their portfolio also includes an intuitive BI platform that provides powerful dashboarding, visual reporting and analysis of competitive data capabilities.

Why Is This Important?

This acquisition will better position Revionics to provide performance-driven retailers like you with the market’s most complete and accurate online competitive intelligence data to support more responsive and precise pricing, promotion and assortment decisions. In addition, with this acquisition we are now able to provide price, promotion and assortment competitive insights on an industry-superior platform that transforms competitive data into highly visual, digestible and actionable information.

How Can I Benefit from This New Solution?

The new products offered as a result of this acquisition are both high-value and user-friendly by all types and sizes of retailers including omni-channel, ecommerce and traditional brick-and-mortar. The products are available worldwide immediately either as stand-alone offerings or as part of a Revionics suite. Since the majority of retailers report using more than one source of competitive data, we recognize that you may choose to work with other competitive data providers and in many cases a combination of providers. Revionics will continue to support the integration of third-party competitive data into all of our solutions.

About Revionics + Marketyze Competitive Price Intelligence


The Marketyze Competitive Price Intelligence module is much more than a price-monitoring tool. We track competitive pricing data effectively AND analyze market and internal enterprise data to discover how market related pricing events affect your company’s sales performance. We empower you to fine tune your pricing policy and maximize both sales and profits.


  • Big-Data mining solution: Our patent pending technology collects, extracts, cleans and accurately matches your products with those of your competitors, in a fully automated and self-learning process. 
  • BI Dashboard: Powerful data visualization site with filtering and drill down capabilities that facilitates efficient analysis of pricing and assortment data. 
  • Performance Monitoring: We combine and correlate competitive market pricing and internal data including sales, conversion rates and more.


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Revionics and Marketyze Combine Forces to Deliver Unmatched Competitive Intelligence