2017 Shopper Study: 
Understanding Retail Customers' Pricing Expectations and Tolerances

Driven by the desire to understand the why behind shopper behaviors and their opinions regarding your retail pricing and promotions decisions, Revionics recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to directly survey shoppers.* We asked the questions that every retailer wants to know to inform their strategic decision making:

  • How price sensitive are my shoppers? What is the trade-off between convenience and finding a cheaper price?
  • How many of my customers compare prices? And how many rely on price matching?
  • What are their expectations regarding consistent omnichannel pricing? And how does this differ by category?
  • How do they feel about retailers using data science to determine the best price?
  • Which promotional vehicles work best to reach shoppers?

This knowledge is vital to inform your commercial strategies and ensure you understand and can meet – or shape – your consumers’ expectations. Download research.

* Understanding Retail Customers' Pricing Expectations and Tolerances, a May 2017 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Revionics.

A few highlights uncovered by the study:

  • 78% of shoppers said it was fair to use data science to increase and decrease prices as long as it’s a price they’re willing to pay.
  • Shoppers are ready for dynamic pricing in retail! Only 6% do not think it’s fair at all for prices to change dynamically.
  • Shoppers are heavily trained to wait for price discounts or promotions – only 9% will pay full price to have the product they want as soon as possible.
  • Shoppers are loyal to specific channels when it comes to promotions - only 20% saying they only pay attention to in-store promotions.

The Race for Relevance: How Retailers Can Lead in an Age of Disruption

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Your Customers Have Spoken:
Key Findings from 2017 Shopper Study