Discover the Pricing Strategies, Tactics and Volatility of the Retail Leaders in this Sector

The market research firm Smithers Apex forecasts that global sales of household cleaning products will reach $147 billion in 2017. The household cleaning products market exhibits relatively small (1-2%) but stable annual growth even in the face of economic downturns, driven by consumer focus on hygiene, safe food storage and innovative products. In this report we analyze the data that we have gathered over two months in order to provide insights into the pricing strategies of three leading retailers; Amazon, Office Depot and Walmart, and four leading eTailers; Amazon, Betty Mills, Office Supply and Shoplet.

Report Highlights

  • Learn who's the price leader in the cleaning supply vertical--cheapest across more than 60% of the assortment
  • Discover the four distinct pricing tactics that are being displayed by the four eTailers, including who has already implemented dynamic pricing
  • Find out in which category and brand Amazon and Walmart competed most aggressively

The Accelerated Pace of Things to Come

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Competitive Pricing Trends Report

Cleaning Supply Industry, August 2015