Rethinking Retail Pricing: 5 Things for Retail CEOs to Consider

The pressure on retail CEOs to deliver results is at an all-time high. Visionary CEOs understand that by shifting their price strategy from “gut feel” pricing to intelligent, data-driven price optimization can yield 10x yearly ROI, 2-7% in increased sales and 2-5% in gross margin gains. Find out how to plug the leaky buckets that drain your profits.

What our clients are saying

“Reacting to competition today versus last month or last season has made us more competitive and smarter. Instead of pricing with a machete, now we do so with a scalpel”
- Steve Neptune, Senior Vice President of Financial Planning & Strategy,

Responsive Retail: Building a Shopper-Centric Merchandising Model

Revionics’ intuitive and transparent cloud-based solutions enable performance-driven retailers globally to leverage predictive analytics and build a shopper-centric, responsive merchandising model that creates a sustainable competitive advantage with a clear path to profit. Learn more.

Rethinking Retail - 5 Things for Retail CEOs to Consider