Pricing Optimization Becomes Table Stakes for Retailers

The siren's song of rules-based pricing solutions is tempting; however, business rules are only one--albeit one very important--component of a comprehensive optimized pricing strategy that enables retailers to compete in today’s complex retail environment. This paper explores the evolution of pricing that has made optimization table-stakes and has required retailers to supplement business rules with data, science, analytics and strategy in order to survive and thrive.

White Paper Highlights

  • Learn about the perfect storm driving the need for retailers to adapt to rapidly changing shopper and competitive behavior
  • Understand the evolutionary phases necessary to move from a product-centric to a shopper-centric pricing strategy
  • Discover how retailers can take an evolutionary approach to transforming their pricing strategy

The Accelerated Pace of Things to Come

To survive in today's race for relevance, you must know your customers, be personal and provide value and experience. Learn more about how Revionics can help you to develop clear and scalable processes that can adapt to what you can’t yet know or predict. Then, and only then, can you ensure that you are relevant – and successful – no matter how retail’s future continues to unfold.

The Pricing Evolution: The Perfect Storm Compelling Retailers to Shift from Rules-Based to Optimized Pricing